Convenient and Easy

With a large network of convenient stores, we make it easy for fleets to save on fuel. Stop at any of our 6,000 stores nationwide and simply swipe your fleet card at the pump. You'll receive outstanding fuel savings on your invoice.

Why Switch to a Fleet Card?

If you're using a credit card or cash to pay for fuel, you're missing out on transaction data that can make your business more efficient. See exactly what was purchased — was it only fuel, or also wiper fluid and a snack for the road? A Circle K Fleet Card tells you exactly who bought what, when and where.

Powerful Online Tools

Fleet cards create efficiency and savings beyond the pump. Easy-to-use online tools organize transaction data and give you a clear view of fleet activity. You can also set automatic transaction limits to control your budget and prevent unwanted spending.


for a Circle K Fleet Card! The application is simple and the rebates are powerful.

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