Circle K Pro is a business fuel card solution for fleets of all sizes that makes everyday management easy and reduces overall company transportation costs.

A fleet card for every business

Our flexible fuel card solution supports the needs of all business types - small fleet, large fleet and truck.


Simple signup, convenient locations, wide card acceptance and attractive offers for your drivers on the go.


Easy fuel card management and real-time overview of all drivers spends.


No transaction fees and great benefits to reduce total mobility costs plus our advanced online portal reduces card administration time.


Our fleet experts provide 24/7 customer service support when you need it.

Choose your business

We have tailored gas card solutions for businesses big and small.

Small Fleet

Less than 20 light commercial vehicles

Large Fleet

20+ light commercial vehicles


Heavy commercial vehicles

A fleet card for every business

Circle K Pro offers two fuel cards with specific benefits tailored to either local or national fleet business needs.

option 1:

Circle k fleet card

For local businesses who want to save.

Choose our Circle K Fleet card if:

  • You want the highest possible fuel savings
  • Circle K has locations in the area your fleet covers
  • Your employees don't use vehicle service locations

Use this card to skip the card fees and save on every gallon. We accept this card at the pump and in-store at all our Circle K stations.

option 2:

Circle k universal fleet card

For businesses who need access throughout the U.S.

Unlock access to 95% of fuel retailers across the country and earn discounts when you shop at Circle K

Your fleet is critical to your business operations.

Take the first step towards reducing fleet costs with the Circle K Fleet Savings Calculator.

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Expert insights to reduce your business fuel costs.

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Not a business customer?

Not a business customer? Our Easy Pay card is made for you! Click below and start making fuel savings today.

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